Saturday, August 15, 2009

More veggies

A little warmth, rain and sun is just what the garden needed. We had lots of new harvests this week-zucchini, bean, carrots, lots of peas and onions. The zucchini made great bread that DD made. See the phone in the background, we had to call our biggest competition in our gardening club to report our zucchini, we didn't know it was there. Really, DH texted him from the garden. We did a last minute check and Surprise!!

Yesterday was the first day of another fantastic stay cation. We went to a few garage sales. Spent $1.50. Then we went to Kohl's for wallets-Dh's fell apart. I saw a beautiful shower curtain but it was $60!! I may make the flannel one work yet.

I was tired with all the shopping, so we ate pizza and watched my favorite, "What not to Wear." Love those clothes!!

I need to make some yo-yo's in one fabric for the border, I think. I need to get going on them. It is finally warm, so it is too hot to quilt. I may piece some blocks though. It is hard to choose when you have so much time on your hands. I think get more done when I am working, time slips away from me otherwise.

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Brenda said...

Oh you are really making me want to have a garden - not just tomatoes - Right NOw!! I love 'fresh from the garden' anything!!! But, last night, I covered all my stuff - we got a frost warning!!! they survived, but it has been cool here, some of my plants are showing signs of it being a bit chilly for them.....:-(

I am glad you are having a great stay-cation!! I didn't realize till this year, it has a 'name'!! I've been doing that every summer for years!!!!!

Enjoy the heat and your beautiful garden!! And let the time slip away!!!!! Enjoy the days - it will be soon enough when you have to be jumping the gun again!!!