Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My idea isn't going to work....

My raggy shower curtain is too heavy, I believe. I think it will pull the rod off the wall. And I miscounted the squares. I have enough for a large afghan so that is what I am doing. I will just buy a new shower curtain and rod set.

OK so I went for a wildlife search with my DH last night. We were in the forest and driving to the main road when we encountered a detour. We knew a bridge by the ranger station was out but the signs said detour and pointed to the main road towards the bridge.

We drove on just like the signs said. Sure enough, the road ended by the bridge that was out and the sign said to turn around and follow the detour back the way we came. GRRRRR, it was 15 miles back to the entrance of the State forest area and then back home. Well, it was a pretty drive but what were they thinking with a detour to a bridge that is out!!!

Wildlife was slow but we saw 18 deer, 1 coyote, a raccoon, herons and zero elk.

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Micki said...

It sounded like a lovely drive even though it did not work out.