Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stashbusting Report

I used about 8 yards of flannel in my rag quilt pictured yesterday.
I have not purchased any this week, however, there is a great $4 a yard sale at the quilt store. Temptation is close at hand...

I have yarn to bust a stash too and I made progress on my granny sampler. Needs a bit of work yet. Pic yesterday, too .

I have lots of half baked projects, this is the month to get them finished. I want to start making things for Christmas and I would feel better if my slate were clean, so to speak.


Judith said...

Sounds like a nice bust. Now just keep yourself from buying anything and just work hard on the other things you need to finish to keep you busy from going to the LQS

Mary-Kay said...

$4 a yard. How can you resist that?