Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 12

Day 12 Picture of Something you love

I am continuing a photo a day meme that I found on Facebook. Something I love is my phone. I don't know any other item that I find I NEED to have with me all the time. I left it at home when grocery shopping the other day and I felt strange. Nervous, what if the kids called or text me? I may need an intervention for this phone thing. How did I get through the day before smart phones? I love mine! I keep my appointments on the calendar, play games, talk to the universe, look up important things and not so important things on the net, tweet, blog, shop, search for patterns, take pics and edit them all on my PHONE!

I guess I am showing my age. It amazes me that I have a computer in my hand. I remeber the Commadore 64 computer at school and thought, "If it is this hard to make the computer do one easy and stupid thing, why bother." Hmmm, now look at me, I am hooked on the magical little box called a smart phone.

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