Thursday, October 25, 2012


OK, what do these pictures have in common? Only the road trip in which they were taken on . I was being followed by the SWAT van on the highway. I was nervous until I realized it was a flooring company!!

I have exercised twice this week and had better work outs each time. No inhaler use and during the activity it was fine. Not so fine during the night. Lesson learned. I must use an inhaler for a while after having pneumonia to not have breathing problems. I haven't weighed myself but I feel that a bit of weight is going down. I need to get more off so I feel better and have improved health.

I have been doing lots of stuff but not a ton of things to photograph. I think I need to get  focused and follow my projects all the way to the end to have a feeling of accomplishment. I have a stack of UFO's and WIPs laying around and it is starting to get on my nerves. I also have a bit of organizing that needs to get done too. I am scampering around a lot lately.

I also am feeling the need to throw out all the old stuff lying around to get streamlined and organized. But then I would have nothing usable and I am not in a position to replace everything I would toss. I guess I need to evaluate if I really need to keep it around. Stacks of that kind of thing. 

 It is a weird dilemma, I feel like everything is worn out and dated. I think it is me, and the fall, and a squirrel like need to prepare for the winter that's coming.

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Stephwolfgang said...

It sounds like you could feel lots better if you could just throw something away! :)

Me too.