Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 28

A picture of something you are afraid of

Barn in Elmira, Mi
Yesterday was the first day I have felt well in several weeks. I cleaned the house top to bottom. I worked out with a bit of shortness of breath but it was a light workout. I then was able to spend time with my family. Our vehicles have been in the shop several times over the past few months. I think we have my husbands explorer finally fixed. So to test it out we went shopping and fall sightseeing about 50 miles from our house. I didn't buy much but the much sought after Kona black. The evening was beautiful and the lighting was just right.
Back to the pic of the day. I couldn't think of anything to photograph that evokes fear. I thought of all the beauty I photographed yesterday and I will share the link to an online album:

I fear that these beautiful places will all be overly developed in the future. I love to see nature and the majesty of the Great Lakes.

Lake Michigan on M119 bluff in Harbor Springs, Mi
 And sunsets.

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