Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scarf is finished

I made a scrap yarn scarf that was to be a weather diary. It was for the most part. Some days the weather changed so much I had several colors represent one day. I crocheted a single crochet around the edge to give a polished finish. It is made from all wool scraps.

I love to knit and crochet in addition to my quilting. I am making amigurumi stuffed animals. They are very cool and I wanted to make some a couple of years ago. I thought that I had to have a reason to and what would I do with them? I have tons a little scrap yarns and they are all single crochet.

I showed my sister some patterns on pinterest and we are both making them now. I have made the Pig from angry birds, a freehand turtle and now I am working on a Koala. I need to buy some eyes and then sculpt the faces before I can show them off. I don't need a reason more than I wanted to make them and I have yarn scraps and old batting to stuff them! I may keep most of them just because. :)

I have started working out after my pneumonia. It was a bit rough. I had to slow way down and lower my weights. I am back on a diet. Seriously. Gotta get a grip on that.....

How about you? I have several projects going with quilting too. Catch up on BOM, finish a quilt for another pattern I am writing and the Super Mario quilt along.

My day job may be a bit slow and underwhelming but not my evenings and after hours!!

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Connie said...

Your scarf really turned out beautiful! I love the way the colors changed according to the weather. Thanks for sharing.
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