Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 20


 picture of somewhere you would like to travel

I have been ill and home bound for three days so I was going to put a trip to the local grocery store on here today but I decided to dream and not be a realist as I like to call myself!

I addition to travelling to Scotland, I want to go to Ireland and Wales. My ancestors came from those countries and I would like to see the land. I want to find more in my genealogy because I am "stuck" in the mid 1800's in those countries. I want to hear the music in the pubs, smell the sea and take in everything I can in one vacation.

Hopefully we will be seeing a trip materialize for Scotland in a couple of years and maybe add a few days to Ireland, too. We will see!!

Until then, I find tons of great pics on Pinterest and travel web sites.

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