Monday, October 15, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I have completed the most recent blog in the Super Mario Bros. quilt along found at I have been prepping other tops to quilt. I have been shocked at the cost of cotton batting of late, how about you? I love Warm and Natural but the cost!! I have been happy with Hobbs 80/20 so that's what I have been using. I have about 8 tops in the wings to quilt.

I have been ill for the past 2 weeks with bronchitis/early pneumonia. Took off 3 days last week and today is my first attempt to return. I am still weak and short of breath. I guess that means the gym will wait but I will try a light exercise program on the Wii fit.

Getting ready for Christmas, I have been trying my hand at crochet amigurumi. LOVE it. My first toy is nearly together. And I have been knitting. These have been my projects while ill and sitting/laying on the couch. Pictures to come.

I have also been doing a picture a day for the last 23 days and sharing some stories about me. I will post another one later today but you could see some in previous blog posts.

Thanks for stopping by!


Bonnie said...

Vicki -- I'm so sorry to hear you were ill. Take care of yourself girl! That star just makes me smile. Thanks for sharing it.

I've been knitting on a sweater for Sophia. I love these small things as they go so fast. Next up is a crochet blanket for Natalie. Then I'll go back to quilting stuff at night.

Glad you are on the mend.

Kristie said...

I certainly hope you are feeling much better.

That quilt is so cute! I love patterns that make pictures once they are pieced...just lovely.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Carolyn said...

Hope you are all better soon. Your block looks great. I agree that the cost is crazy for the cotton batting. I love warm and natural and only buy it when I have a coupon.

Allison said...

Oooh, another fabulous Mario block! I love seeing these pop up all over blogland :) take care of yourself!

Connie said...

Hope you get feeling better soon! Cute block and I always buy a bolt of Warm & Natural when Joann's runs it 50% off. Thanks for sharing.
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