Friday, October 12, 2012

Picture of a letter

Day 19 picture of a letter

As I continue to do the photo a day for my blog, it has made me try to be a better photographer. It has made me learn more about my photo editing programs in my phone app store as well as on my computer. I am having fun. I am also doing a different Photo a day for Oct on Face book. It has made me look at ordinary things to see if they would made an extraordinary picture.

Here are the items I have received in the mail. No letters really, they are what I would call flyer's. Most are political and one is for a sale/coupon notice from Joann's Fabrics, yeah! I love the pretty colors and paper that they are printed on. Like most people, I don't get much "good" stuff in the snail mail. Only bills and promotional items.

What has happened to the quilting, knitting, crochet and other crafting content?

It is still here, I have been ill with a bronchitis/pneumonia deal. I have been tired and missed several days of work. Getting out of bed has been difficult for the last few days and I went to the doctor, has another round of meds and rest.

Last weekend was a college visit to Spring Arbor U for our son, a highland game for his Dad and pumpkin patch/cider mill visit for all of us. Pictures of the trip will come tomorrow. I am not able to attend either of the football games I had planned on attending this weekend as breathing is still a bit weird at times.

Here is my scarf: it is 50 inches long and I think I need about another 12" on it.
Wool weather diary scarf

Here is the latest Mario Bros quilt block:

Star Power!

The flowers are from a friend to cheer me up, :) it worked.

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